Top 5 Family Friendly Events in Atascadero, CA

Atascadero, California is an ideal location for raising a family for several reasons. Firstly, the city boasts a welcoming and tight-knit community, providing a friendly environment for families to thrive. The abundance of parks and recreational spaces, such as the beautiful Atascadero Lake Park, offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, Atascadero's excellent school system ensures a quality education for children, with dedicated educators and a focus on academic success. The city's central location on the scenic Central Coast provides access to diverse cultural and recreational opportunities, making it a well-rounded and family-friendly community.

On top of the perennial attributes that make Atascadero such an awesome place to live and raise a family are the family friendly events we have every year!The top 5 events in our opinion at Peek Realty are:

  1. The Tamale Festival

  2. Summer Concert Series & Movies in the Park

  3. Hot El Camino Cruise Night

  4. Colony Days

  5. Fall Festival

The Tamale Festival!

The annual Tamale Festival, a celebration that brings the community together to enjoy the rich culinary tradition of tamales. During the festival, local vendors showcase a variety of tamale recipes, from traditional to innovative twists, allowing attendees to sample and savor different flavors. The event typically features live music, entertainment, and activities for families, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. It serves as a platform to celebrate Mexican culture and cuisine while fostering community connections. It is a great opportunity for kids and Adults alike. Starting in 2024 it will be held in May. 

Summer Concert Series & Movies in the Park

The Summer concert series is always a hit! From June to August it is held every Saturday late afternoon to early evening at the Bandstand located next to the Atascadero Lake Pavilion. It features local musical talent and is free to the public. What is an added bonus is it is located next to the largest jungle gym park in Atascadero and offers plenty of room for kids to….be kids! 

Along with the Summer concert series although not at the same location is the Movies in the Park happening on the same days as the concert series but later in the day when the sun goes down at the Colony Park. Family Friendly movies are selected and everyone is welcome to attend, put down a blanket, some chairs, BYOB and enjoy a family flick under the stars!

Hot El Camino Cruise NIght

Cruise night happens in the last half of August and is a major hit! Atascadero is quite the buzz leading up the event and thousands of people line the streets from Cubaril to Traffic way to watch the parade of everything from classic cars to hotrods, race cars to historic vehicles drive by. 

Fun for the kids and parents alike, bring your food and lawn chairs and enjoy the show!

The next day on Saturdays you can enjoy a collection of the cars parked at the Atascadero Lake for the car show on the lawn. 

Colony Days

Happening on the first weekend of October typically are Colony Days in Atascadero, California, is an annual community event that commemorates the city's founding. Atascadero was established in 1913 by E.G. Lewis as a planned utopian community. Colony Days typically features a variety of festivities, including a parade, live entertainment, historical reenactments, food vendors, and activities for families. The event often celebrates the city's rich history and community spirit, bringing residents and visitors together for a day of fun and cultural appreciation. There are a lot of activities and learning opportunities for adults and kids alike!

Fall Festival

Fall festival has been around since 2021 and happens annually the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is a VERY well attended festival full of carnival rides and carnival games (Ferris wheel, fun house, etc.)...Think county fair in the fall! Plenty of food and drink vendors and 2 live stages at the Sunken Garden provide lots of live music and dancing. The Fall Festival in Atascadero has quickly become one of the highlights of the year and definitely a must go for adults and kids alike!

We hope you find some fun in Atascadero and look forward to seeing you at one of our cities great family friendly events in the future!

-Seth Peek


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